Well thought out web design

Professionalism and quality

No matter if we are offering a small homepage or a more comprehensive web solution, we as your business partner seek professionalism and quality. This includes the following:

Stylish graphic design

The graphic design (e.g. layout, fonts, colors, images) for a web site is extremely important. Homepages have increasingly become the public face for companies and organizations. Oftentimes it is maybe the homepage which gives the first impression. It is therefore important that the graphic design is not only good-looking, but also is in accord with the profile of the company and feels consistent and clear. Besides, it must also work in a digital context - printed media and digital media are two quite different worlds.

Thought-out structure

The structure of the web site should be thought out and logical. It should be easy for the visitor to find what he/she is looking for. A visitor who goes astray, leaves quickly the web site and will hardly return.


The web site should be user-friendly. This is not just a matter of thoughtful structure, but also that texts, forms, and menus are easily understandable and clear.


The web site should also be accessible for everyone, also for visitors with disabilities or with different technical conditions (e.g. different web browsers or computer equipments). But accessibility is also a matter of the web site being easy to find using search engines (search engine optimization (SEO)).

Design according to web standards

To make a web site user-friendly and accessible we follow the various guidelines and standards developed by, among other, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Open technology solutions (open source)

We prefer working with open technology solutions (often called "open source"). This means usually that a project becomes more inexpensive and that it becomes easier for the customer (or other consultants) to proceed with it.

Customer and target adaptation

For us it is, of course, important to build a web site or homepage based on customer preferences and target character. Responsiveness and trusting relationships are important to us.

Flexibility and diversity

Our customer and target adaptation means we can offer a range of solutions, ranging from straightforward homepages to more advanced web and e-commerce solutions, with or without web hosting or dedicated servers. And all this can then be a part of a larger package solution that also includes such things as logodesign, business cards, and profiling.