Our offer

Customized web solutions

As we strive to take every client seriously, we only offer customized web solutions. Ready-made packages can seldom do our customers justice. It is like trying to press a unique form into a square box - either you destroy the form or you break the box.

Therefore we concentrate our expertise in offering customized solutions for all our customers, regardless of the type of project. This may involve a completely new website or updating an existing page. It could be a simple business card like website or a large advanced and interactive website. Whatever solution you are in need of we don't meddle with our high standards for a modern and professional website or homepage.

What do we then offer our web customers? How can the path from idea to finished website look like?

Concept and pilot study

Some clients know exactly what they want. But if not we can help you with a pilot study and compiling a set of requirements based on customer profile and preferences. As part of our effort to help the client to think through their web venture, we've compiled a list of questions that may be useful to ask oneself and even drafted a few points that we believe should characterize a professional and quality minded site.

Design and function

Once the specifications are determined the design of the website begins. Start page and sub pages are drawn up graphically and checked with the customer. The design process takes of course constantly account of the desired functionality as well as usability and accessibility requirements.

Development and content

When design and functions are agreed on the development of the site starts. We recommend in principle that all our customers to use the content management system WordPress. It makes the site flexible and future-proof and makes it easy to add content and make changes directly from a browser. We also help the customer, if asked for, with web hosting, domain name and e-mail accounts.

By default, we create the basic outline and the basic structure and then let the customer add desired content (text, images and other media). But if asked for, we can also assist you with all or parts of the content, which then are quality reviewed in relation to customer profile, site design, the web as media and the basic requirements of search engine optimization.

Launch and education

When the website is "ready" and has been thoroughly tested, it is launched. If it has not already been done in the previous step, we give the necessary training so that the customer can manage their site and publish content.

Support and further development

The idea is that customers should be able to move on with their website on their own. But if needs arise, we can of course give support and help with further development.

Not only a website?

You may not just be looking for a website, but want to combine it with such things as a logo, business cards, an intranet, or perhaps an entirely new graphical profile? Since we offer a wide range of services in both digital and print design, we can offer many different types of comprehensive solutions. Contact us for more information.