An intranet - an "internal website"

An intranet can be simply described as an "internal website". Using the same techniques used "out there" on the web, enables businesses and organizations to build private networks inside its walls, a network that becomes the tool to manage the internal information.

Why intranets?

Companies and organizations typically deal with lots of internal information. It can be anything from word processing documents, spreadsheet files, memos, and e-mails to more business-related information. It is this large amount of internal information that makes intranets (and databases) interesting ... and indispensable!

Ask yourself these questions: How accessible is this information really? How easy is it to use it together with others? How much time is spent in search of lost documents and files? How often do you write the same information or use "cut and paste"? How often do you need to print documents (e.g. address lists) which are constantly changed? How often are employees looking answers to questions that have already been answered many times? How often do employees need get help from more tech-savvy people to access ordinary data from the ERP system?

It is in the light of such issues that the need for intranets (and databases) will be obvious.

Intranets leads to simplification and streamlining

An intranet can provide many benefits. In a familiar browser environment you will have opportunities to:

  • a simpler and more effective co-operation between employees
  • better chances for more informed decision making
  • increased productivity
  • time savings
  • cost savings

Flexible intranet solutions

Inmedit can help companies or organizations to develop different forms of intranet solutions that make it possible for them to organize their information better, to make it more accessible, to have a flexible document management, and enable more efficient collaboration.

These intranet solutions can range from ready-made packages to more customized solutions that can be gradually upgraded with various modules.

Common components of an intranet

An intranet can - as already alluded to - have many different looks. But some common elements are:

  • calendar and address information
  • news information
  • content management (CMS)
  • meddelandehantering (t ex intern e-post, diskussionsforum)
  • messaging (e.g. internal e-mail, discussion forums)
  • knowledge management (e.g. questions and answers, support, policy)
  • project management
  • time reporting
  • customer support (CRM)
  • report management (e.g. about sales and finance)
  • file management (e.g. template documents, image files)

Inmedit can build systems from scratch, use and modify ready-made packages, or integrate intranet functionality with existing systems.