Homepages - some questions

For a website to fulfill its function it will not hurt for a company or organization to try to ask themselves some questions.

Objectives and target

  1. Why do we need a website? Information, marketing, contact with customers...
  2. What is our primary target audience? Age, geography, interests...
  3. Why should the audience want to visit our homepage?
  4. Why should the audience want to come back to the homepage?


  1. Who are our competitors?
  2. Why should our target audience prefer our website instead of our competitors'?
  3. In what are our competitors better than us?
  4. In what are we better than our competitors?


  1. What type of information do we believe that our visitors are looking for?
  2. What type of information do people usually ask us about?
  3. How do we get the content we want to the website?


  1. What feelings do we want to convey with our website?
  2. Do we have today a corporate image (logo, fonts, colors, images, etc.) that should be reflected on our homepage?
  3. Do we have a domain name (e.g. company.com) which we want to use? If not, is it going to be related to the name of the company or organization? Is it available?
  4. Can we list some sites that we like? Why do we like them?
  5. Can we list some sites that we dislike? Why do we dislike them?


  1. How do we promote our site?
  2. Do we need (advanced) search engine optimization?
  3. Should we make use of social media (blogs, etc.)?

Project related

  1. What budget do we have?
  2. What deadline do we have?