E-commerce can bring many benefits

Looking to sell products or services on the internet? Well, it need not be so much harder than having a website and can provide many benefits.

Lower prices. E-commerce provides online merchants the opportunity to maintain lower prices, because a web store can be managed with less staff and lower locale costs.

Greater range. Since a web store can serve a much wider area than a traditional store, it becomes possible to offer a wider range of products.

Increased convenience. E-commerce offers customers a high degree of comfort. Just such things as not having to go to a shop, to be able to sit at home and make decisions at one's ease, and not having to be pushed with a lot of other customers, is attractive to many.

Better hours. A web store can be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Smoother overview. An online store gives customers a more flexible view of supply and also provides better opportunities to compare goods and services.

Flexible options

Inmedit offers flexible store options, whether it is a small, single shop or a more advanced e-commerce platform. We prefer using existing and proven open technology solutions, such as WooCommerce for WordPress (and Drupal Commerce for Drupal). But of course, we are also open to other requests.

Give your customers the opportunity to order from you 24 hours a day - at their own ease.