Databases - an essential building block in the flow of information

Databases have always been an important part in the digital information management. Inmedit therefore offer services that are dealing with everything from the usual simple databases to sophisticated relational databases and full-text databases. Today databases are commonly used to create intranets as well as dynamic websites.

Full-text databases

Inmedit's specialty in the wide area of databases is full-text databases. This type of database is roughly about making larger text collections quickly and easily accessible and searchable. Text collections may consist of such as reference works, handbooks, documentation, reports, investigations, records, documents, memos, newsletters, etc.

Besides helping companies and governments with their own internal and external (text-oriented) information, we have also developed commercial full-text databases, preferably in law, working environment, and theology. Among these commercial full-text databases you find:

  • The Swedish National Courts Administration's handbooks
  • A working environment database (AM Infobas)
  • Karl Barth's Die Kirchliche Dogmatik (10000 pages).