Advertising and print

In addition to digital media, inmedit works with printed media: from business cards, brochures, and textile print to typesetting and master copies. That's the reason why we can offer comprehensive solutions with a well thought out profiling.

Business cards

The business card - part of your marketing

The business card is an integral part of a company's or organization's marketing. In its small size a well designed business card provides not only easily accessible contact information but also an opportunity to strengthen the profile and make a lasting impression from the first meeting.

Business cards with quality

We can design your business cards from scratch, but we can also use your own materials. In both cases, we strive to fit your business card into your company's profile. Full color and high quality paper and printing is a matter of course. Portrait or landscape, matte or glossy finish, print on the back, foil-effect are but some of many options which can be selected. We provide a proof for approval before printing.

Business cards as part of a comprehensive solution

If you do not already have a logo and/or homepage, we offer an attractive solution that provides a consistent graphical identity. In addition to business cards, logo and homepage, this kind of solution can include such things as letterheads, envelopes and different types of profiling products (pens, calendars, conference pads, decals, jackets, etc).

Typesetting and master copies

Inmedit offers services in typesetting and master copies, such as design, print-ready masters, and book production. Importance is placed on readability and graphical profile.

We produce master copies for forms, leaflets, brochures, magazines and books (including book covers). It can be a master copy that you want to process yourself in some programs (e.g. Adobe InDesign), or it can be the print-ready master (in PDF format) sent directly to a printer.

In the case of book production, we can take care of the whole process (or parts of it): from the proof to design, typographic control and layout.


Ourselves and with professional translation agencies, we offer translation services for both web pages and print media (everything from brochures to entire books).

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