Web Applications

In co-operation with Analysera, we have developed a new, modern , responsive website for Dr P Håkanssons stiftelse. As usual, the Drupal CMS system is behind the surface. Dr Per Håkanssons stiftelse has since 1920 awarded scholarships and grants for scientific research in the disciplines of medicinal chemistry, physiology and food chemistry.

In collaboration with S:t John's Church in Linköping, we have developed their new website. A few years ago we developed their previous website. This time the emphasis was on simplicity and connection to Facebook. With Drupal as CMS system it is not hard to satisfy every kind of request. The church presents itself as follows: "We are a Christian church which consists of ordinary residents of Linköping which have in common that we have been fascinated by Jesus, and who believe that He can give hope, meaning and happiness to all people."

We have been helping with the back-end development of the Swedish Bible Society's award-winning web venture Bibeln.se (database that includes biblical text, parallel references and encyclopedia), development of mobile pages and further database work on Bible 2000.

Together with Analysera and Sandbring (photo), we have developed a new website for BA Bygg Fastigheter (real estate). With Drupal as CMS system, and with features as Expression of interest and Time management, the site becomes a modern platform for the company to present buildings and objects and to reach out to customers. BA Bygg Fastigheter is a dedicated family business with Jennie and Bert Andersson and their sons Stefan and Björn in the lead.

In co-operation with Tromsø Tennis Club, we have developed their new website. The CMS system is Drupal. To the site we have connected an advanced booking system, the opportunity to purchase certain services (e-commerce) and a specially developed system for handling of members. Inmedit is also entrusted with the role of webmaster. Tromsø Tennis Club has now nearly 250 members. The club has a hall with three indoor courts and two squash courts located just a few minutes from the University of Tromsø and University Hospital of Northern Norway. The Club has also two outdoor courts.


In co-operation with Analysera, we have created a website for Stay Connected. Stay Connected is a forum where you can stay updated about the present and the future - challenge old ideas, get inspiration and embrace new trends. As usual, we have used Drupal as a CMS system, this time also with event booking and e-commerce.

In a very long-term cooperation, we have helped Libris publishers with web design, intranet with connection to their business system, the web and external warehouse. This work has included techniques such as MS IIS, MSSQL, ASP, PHP, Perl and XML. We have also worked with translation, typesetting and production of computer books (eg the bestselling Swedish book in web design Att göra en hemsida).

In co-operation with Safety and security unit at the City Office in Malmö city we develop a digital system for systematic fire prevention. It will be able to mangage over 1000 community units and about 4000 users. The system, which has Drupal as engine, makes it simpel for community units to manage their fire protection documentation.