We use cookies

We use cookies for technical reasons and to facilitate the visitor's activities on this website. Cookies are also used to measure website traffic and statistics.

The information collected is anonymous and contains no personal information such as name or email address.

What is a cookie anyway?

A cookie is a small amount of data that usually have a unique stamp on it. This data is sent from a website server to your browser and stored there, on your hard drive. All sites may send cookies to your browser if your browser preferences allow it. To ensure that this information is not abused, websites can only read information from cookies stored by themselves and not any cookies saved by other sites.

As a user, you can set whether you want cookies to be automatically saved in your browser, if you want to be prompted each time a cookie want to be saved or if you want no cookies to be saved. Many websites use cookies to keep track of whether the browser has visited the site before. A check is made at each visit to see if the cookie is stored on your browser or not. Is there no cookie, the browser tries to save a cookie.

What does the law say?

According to the Electronic Communications Act, everyone who visits a website should get information that the website uses cookies and the purpose of the use of cookies. The visitor should also consent to the use of cookies.

How to find and control your cookies

Each browser is different. Look in the help function of your browser for information on how to change your cookie settings. You can delete all cookies from your hard drive if you want. You do this in your browser settings.

What cookies do we use on this site?

  • Google Analytics: measure the number of visitors to the site.
  • UC: Provides you information about Inmedits credit rating and about Upplysningscentralen's risk classes.