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Our Services

Web design

Inmedit offers professional and quality conscious web design. We strive to create customer and target adapted homepages that has a stylish graphic design, which is user friendly and accessible, and standards-compliant and search engine friendly.


Give your customers the opportunity to order from you 24 hours a day - at their own ease. Inmedit offers flexible store options, whether it is a small, single shop or a more advanced e-commerce platform.

Web Applications

Web Applications is a generic term for programs or applications that run via a web browser. It involves, for example, forms, surveys, computing systems, forums, business system linkages, document and project management.


Companies and organizations typically deal with lots of internal information. It can be anything from word processing documents, spreadsheet files, memos, and e-mails to more business-related information. It is this large amount of internal information that makes intranets interesting!


Databases have always been an important part in the digital information management. Inmedit therefore offer services that are dealing with everything from the usual simple databases to sophisticated relational databases and full-text databases.


Profiling concerns, among many other things, clarifying the company's or organization's identity. A key component here is the graphical profile. It is about such things as colors, fonts, icons and logo.

Advertising and print

In addition to digital media, inmedit works with printed media: from business cards, brochures, and textile print to typesetting and master copies. That's the reason why we can offer comprehensive solutions with a well thought out profiling.


After working on a large project, it is easy to forget what needs to be done after launch. Inmedit is happy to help combat this forgetfulness by offering support, monitoring, updates and further development.

Project Examples