Update a homepage ... but how?

Drupal Association Organisation MemberCompleting a homepage is one thing. But to keep it current and make it attractive for visitors to return to, it have to constantly be updated with new and changed information. This is often described as the first rule of any website: update, update, and update.

But how is this possible, if you neither has the time, interest, or expertise to update standard web pages? Well, then you can use a so-called publishing tool (CMS = Content Management System). Such a tool make it possible for anyone to modify, update, and add pages to their site directly from their browser.

Drupal - one of the most powerful publishing tools

DrupalThe publishing tool that we offer all of our web clients is Drupal. It is an open technology solution that does not cost anything extra and that is one of the most powerful publishing tools out there. It is used by tens of thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide (not to mention all the individuals who use it for their personal home pages). Yes, of course ... we use Drupal for our own website!

Since Drupal is such a flexible system, it fits all types of sites: both small and large traditional websites, communities, blogs, intranets and extranets.

More than just updating

Drupal is not just a tool for updating websites. It also has a host of other features and options which you can use if you want. Drupal makes it easier to search optimize web pages, to organize and structure the menus and content, to access-protect parts of a website, to analyze traffic on the site, to control the time when the information will be published, and provides access to thousands of additional modules and functions.

What have the UN, IKEA, Dylan...
Sony Ericsson, Google, Adobe, FedEx, Nokia, New York Observer, Human Rights Watch, Beatles, Warner Bros, Amnesty International, R.E.M., White House, Jennifer Lopez, Harvard, MTV, MIT, NHL and many, many more in common? Well, they all use Drupal!